Open Positions

Portfolio Advisory, Marketing Analyst
New York

Portfolio Advisory
New York & London

Investment Due Diligence, Private Markets
New York

Investment Due Diligence, Hedge Funds
New York

Operational Due Diligence
New York & London

Portfolio Treasury
New York

Client Operations, Private Markets
New York

  • Aksia’s culture is rooted in collaboration, entrepreneurialism and technical excellence. Our team members are analytical, curious industry specialists with unique perspectives. We seek to attract, develop and retain talented individuals from a diverse range of professional and educational backgrounds.

    Benefits of working at Aksia include:
  • independent and growing global firm
  • flat organizational structure
  • focus on innovation and teamwork
  • learning and career advancement
  • We are continuously looking to add new members to our teams. Our interview process includes both qualitative discussions and job-relevant exercises.

Neither this video nor any of the information contained herein constitutes an offer or solicitation to buy or sell funds, private investments or securities.

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