Aksia Goes to Summer Camp

Aksia organized a four week virtual Summer Camp for its professionals’ children from ages 3-8 years old to provide an interactive and creative outlet for at-home families across Aksia’s offices in New York, San Diego, London, and Athens. Each day of the week, puppeteers led activities centered around a weekly theme, such as “Superheroes” and “Outer Space Circus!”

“My daughter loved working on all the arts and crafts, and really enjoyed making puppets from the skills she learned even on the weekends,” commented Melissa Lumban from Aksia’s San Diego Office. “It was interactive and engaging, and really just a ton of fun for the kids.”

Participants had visits from their favorite puppets, Minkey the Monkey and Friends, and at the end of each week a Puppet Show took place including acts where campers shared what they worked on throughout the week.

Antonis Antypas, from Aksia’s Athens office added, “We knew that the Puppet Show would be a winner for sure. My son and daughter had an amazing time.”